Applying for a Citi Diamond Preferred Card Mastercard Credit Card: How to Do It


The Citi Diamond Preferred card is one of Citibank’s premium offerings, providing cardholders with a range of exclusive benefits and perks. This card, in addition to representing status, is designed to meet the needs of demanding consumers, offering special conditions and advantages that go beyond common financial transactions.

Find out more about what this card has to offer with the valuable tips we’ve put together in the following article. Let’s go!


How do I apply for a Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card?

Applying for the Citi Diamond Preferred card is a simple process and can usually be done online or in person. Follow the steps below to understand how to request this card:

Applying for a Citi Diamond Preferred Card



  • Visit the official Citibank website .
  • In the credit cards section, look for the Citi Diamond Preferred card.
  • Click on the “Request Now” or “Apply” option.
  • Complete the registration form with the requested personal, financial and contact information.
  • Review your information and submit the application.
  • After submitting the request, you will usually receive a response instantly, or in some cases it may take a few days.

Bank Agency :

  • Go to your nearest Citibank branch.
  • Speak with a representative or manager about your interest in purchasing the Citi Diamond Preferred Card.
  • The representative will provide you with an application form, which you must complete.
  • Submit the form along with any additional documents that may be requested.

Telephone :

  • You can also start the application process by calling Citibank’s customer service center.
  • The clerk will provide instructions and may request information to complete the application on your behalf.

Waiting time for approval

Citi Diamond Preferred Card approval time generally takes 7-10 business days. However, in some cases it may take longer.

After requesting the card, you will receive an initial response via email within 2-3 business days. This initial response will let you know whether your request is being processed or has been denied. If your request is being processed, you will receive a final response within 7-10 business days.

Approval time may vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Your credit history:  Citibank considers your credit history when making an approval decision. A positive credit history will increase your chances of approval.
  • Your income:  Citibank also considers your income when making an approval decision. Sufficient income will increase your chances of approval.
  • Your credit score:  Citibank uses a credit score to assess your risk. A high credit score will increase your chances of approval.

If you are concerned about the approval time, you can contact Citibank for more information.

How to unlock the card?

To unlock the Citi Diamond Preferred card, you can follow these steps below. In each of them, the process is very simple and takes just a few minutes.

Applying for a Citi Diamond Preferred Card

By phone

  1. Call Citibank at 1-800-973-6535.
  2. Provide the customer service agent with your account number and date of birth.
  3. The customer service agent will unblock your card.

From the site

You can also unlock your Citi Diamond Preferred card online:

  1. Visit the Citibank website.
  2. Click “Login”.
  3. Enter your account number and password.
  4. Click on “My Cards”.
  5. Click the “Unlock” button next to your Citi Diamond Preferred card.

Through the app

To unlock your card through the Citibank app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Citibank app.
  2. Tap “Cards.”
  3. Tap the “Unlock” button next to your Citi Diamond Preferred card.

After unlocking your card, you can use it to make purchases.

Advantages of the Citi Diamond Preferred Card

The Citi Diamond Preferred Card brings with it a range of exclusive benefits:

  • AAdvantage Program : By using the card in their transactions, users accumulate AAdvantage points, which can be converted into rewards such as airline tickets, seat upgrades, accommodation, car rental and other attractive prizes.
  • $95 Annual Fee : The annual charge for using the Citi Diamond Preferred card is $95. However, by spending $3,000 in the first 3 months after activating the card, users can earn a bonus of 60,000 points.
  • Travel Privileges : Cardholders enjoy travel perks such as insurance, exclusive access to airport lounges and discounts at car rental companies.
  • Purchase Advantages : Furthermore, when purchasing with the card, users benefit from purchase insurance, best price guarantee and credit card insurance.

What are the interest rates on the card?

Below is a summary of the main fees associated with the Citi Diamond Preferred card.

  • Annual Fee : The annual cost to maintain the Citi Diamond Preferred card is $95. However, there is an opportunity to earn a 60,000 point bonus when you make purchases worth $3,000 in the first three months after card activation.
  • Financing Interest : If full payment of the invoice is not made by the due date, revolving interest will be applied. The annual rate for the Citi Diamond Preferred is 24.99%.
  • Withdrawal Fee : Withdrawals made at electronic terminals have a fee of US$29.99.
  • Late Penalty : Late payment of the invoice carries a penalty of US$35.
  • Interest on Default : A monthly interest rate of 1% will be applied to the outstanding amount.

Before purchasing the Citi Diamond Preferred card, it is essential to be informed about these fees and charges. If you have any doubts, consulting a financial expert can be an excellent decision for additional clarification.

Do you have a points program?

The Citi Diamond Preferred card allows you to accumulate points through the AAdvantage program. With these points, you can obtain airline tickets, cabin upgrades, accommodation, car rental, among other rewards.

Cardholders earn 2x points per dollar on purchases with American Airlines and select partners and 1x points per dollar on other purchases.

AAdvantage points can be redeemed on American Airlines and partner flights, whether to purchase tickets or upgrades. In addition, they also serve hotel reservations and car rentals globally. All of these transactions can be carried out online or over the phone.

Additionally, points can also be converted into other rewards, such as exclusive products and experiences.

How to check the card statement?

Checking your Citi Diamond Preferred card statement is a simple process and can be done in different ways:


  • Visit the official Citi website.
  • Log in to your account using your username and password.
  • After accessing your account, click on the “Statement” option or something similar to view the transactions on your Citi Diamond Preferred card.

Mobile Application

  • Download the Citi Mobile app, available for Android and iOS.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the Citi Diamond Preferred card section and select the option to view statement.


  • Call the customer service number listed on the back of your card.
  • Follow the automated system’s instructions or speak to a representative to request information about your statement.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

  • Insert your card into a Citi ATM.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to access your card statement.

By mail

Every month, Citi sends the printed statement to the holder’s registered address. If you chose this option, wait for the document to arrive.

How to apply for a second copy of the card?

Requesting a duplicate Citi Diamond Preferred card can be done following the same procedure listed above. However, the easiest way is via the app, as we will show below.

Citibank App

  • Open the Citibank app on your smartphone.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Cards” section and select your Citi Diamond Preferred card.
  • Look for the option “Request a Second Copy” or “Reissue Card” and follow the instructions.

Citi Diamond Preferred Phone

You can resolve a series of problems related to your Citi Diamond Preferred card via the institution’s official telephone number. Just contact the number:

  • 1 888 248 4226
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