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Protection of personal data – for us at Moneysaudavel and TC FLAG this is something very important, especially when we talk about YOUR DATA.  After all, each “individual” is a unique being, with its characteristics and particularities.  Therefore, our GREATEST FOCUS is that your data remains under your custody.

Thus, HERE, inthis Global Personal Data Privacy Policy, we will inform you how we obtain, store, use, share and protect your personal data.  Therefore, we want to emphasize the importance of reading this document completely, even if it is tempting to “skip” this step.

Our Global Personal Data Privacy Policy doesnot support or apply to partner websites, products or services or any other property, it is applying exclusively to the Moneysaudavel Blog or the TC FLAG.

And how does it work? Note the summary of the process of collecting and processing personal data here on the Moneysaudavel Blog:

  1. You inform your data in our “QUIZ”, which are treated securely.
  2. We use its according to the stated purpose and in accordance with the Law and/or Regulations; and,
  3. However, at any time or in accordance with the period determined by law or Regulation – as applied in the country of your residence or collection, you may access the information or exercise any right over your data through e-mail ([email protected] – Luan Fernandes)

In addition, we advise you to read other documents: Disclaimer (LINK), Terms of Use of E-mail Marketing (LINK), and, Terms of Use of SMS (LINK) available on this Blog –

Moneysaudavel (also referred to as “we” or “our” in the next topics), understands and recognizes the responsibility to bring quality informative content to its users and thus expresses its ethical, moral and assertive commitment to the data processing of everyone. Therefore, our Global Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy is in accordance with the Laws in Force and Applicable of the countries where it operates, with the CCPA, PIPEDA and GDPR, among others, which are reflex of our good internal data processing practices.

To make your life easier and navigation stand Privacy Notice we brought a simple summary!

Here we define your rights over your data in a clear, appropriate and ostentatiousway about, and other characteristics provided for in regulations to meet the principle of free access.

  • What is personal data?
  • Find out what types of personal data we collect
  • Find out how we collect this
  • How we use your personal data
  • Understand the legal basis for us to process your personal data
  • Understand with whom we disclose and share your personal data
  • How we protect your personal data
  • What are your rights
  • Service channels
  • Changes to the Global Privacy and Protection policy of Personal Data

What is personal data?

This is information, added or not to the set of identified or identifiable d ados related to a natural person, YOU.  In this way, we can exemplify Personal Data such as: Full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address , Social security number, professional card number, among others. However, among personal data there is a somewhat peculiar category, those considered “sensitive”.  Which is information that links a direct characteristic of the individual, for example, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation and others, but we clarify: “We do not perform this type of collection”.

Find out what types of personal data we collect

We know that you care about your “Privacy and Personal Data” and therefore make the right use, ethical ly and responsibly, as well as we do with ours. In this way, we avoid collecting data without need, respecting your privacy and choosing to share or not share your information. Therefore, we adopt the principle of transparency and minimum collection to perform our activities recounting only your NAME, PHONE NUMBER and E-MAIL (e-mail address).

Find out how we collect this

It is important to say that there are several ways to collect Personal Data, but in our blogs/sites, you do not necessarily need to log in or “register” to access our content in full.   However, there are indispensable collections for the use and navigation of USER’s when it comes to the use of our tools. So, we’re going to look at them:


When you access our “QUIZ” provides us with some data and from your consent, while filling out the information, we start to store, process and share your data (name, telephone number and email), however, respecting the purpose of collection and processing.

Accessing and browsing the Blog Moneysaudavel

There are some tools that help users with navigability on website pages. These in turn are layers of “Trakers or similar technology”. They help companies manage improvements and create a better experience for each user, whether for services or applications. The most famous Trakers are Cookies. And these are these – Cookies, responsible for analyzing and collecting information about your browsing (IP, hardware, software, social media data or purchase history), web behavior and even clicks. So because of them you see ads on our blogs and more targeted information. To learn more about Cookies trackers and how to disable them click here.  (Outbound link to Google’s website on and off cookies).


Another way to collect your data is when, out of free interest or the need for more information, you provide NAME and E-MAIL in the field “CONTACT”, seja to clarify doubts, request information or other matters. It is important to note that we do not require any login to access our blog or content.

How do we use your personal data?

Our purpose is “promotion of content and information – Digital Marketing”, therefore, HERE on the Moneysaudavel Blog you will always have access to information and tips in the investment sector and related to the financial market or services to improve financial life, in addition, you can find info products that promote our partners in these or other sectors.

What are the legal grounds we use to process your personal data?

We seek to comply with the most diverse regulations and laws related to the protection of personal data, therefore, each “USER” must pay close to your region and which laws or regulations apply to your rights and duties. However, to facilitate their understanding, we will list some of them in the next topics.

I understand when and with whom we share your data

It is important to emphasize our commitment to respect for USERS, so we make it clear: We DO NOT SELL OR SELL YOUR INFORMATION OR PERSONAL DATA. The use of personal data and information is made in a clear and legal manner by TC FLAG.  or by one of the partner companies, however, partner companies will be obliged to process and protect their data in accordance with law, regulation and by contract.

In addition to the possibilities mentioned above, we may share your information or personal data in the following cases: (i) when we consider that assistance or cooperation is necessary to protect our users, employees, administrators or any person harmed by the action or omission; (ii) when any user wishes to establish or exercise his or her legal rights; or (iii) when it is necessary to protect our properties and (iv) by any reasoned and valid legal requirement, in good faith, in national or international territory.

Your personal data and information are protected forms

Our focus is on your security, so we use international and national parameters to ensure the protection of your personal information and data. These are “preventive” measures aimed at ensuring a level of security in accordance with the Law, and we also take the main measures in the information security, administrative and technology sector; awareness – employee compliance, encryption, SSL and DdoS. Promoting the protection of your personal data, managing an internal processing cycle for safe and correct deletion and disposal.

Keep your personal data in your custody

With respect to our USERS and in compliance with the Law and Regulations (PIPEDA, CCPA, GDPR and others applicable to users of the USA) we highlight your rights with respect to your personal data collected, stored, processed and shared by us. Therefore, you can at any time:

  1. Confirm the processing of the data.
  2. Request access to the data processed.
  3. Correct incorrect, non-existent, or outdated data.
  4. Request anonymized, deleted and deleted non-essential data.
  5. Check which partners we share.
  6. Check data portability.
  7. prohibit the marketing of data.
  8. Request no collection, tracking and/or global data collection, and
  9. Request the deletion of the data permanently.

Note: We do not collect data from minors under 13 years of age, however, this may happen if this USER accesses the blog and informs your data in QUIZ, CONTACT or other tool hiding your real age or identity.

You are the one who has the turn and voice in our Blog – SERVICE CHANNELS

We are concerned about being more and more present in the day-to-day life of our users, so we are constantly changing and improvements so that this happens in a clearer and more respectful way.

Therefore, we reinforce the commitment to the USER COMMUNICATION CHANNEL, located in the CONTACT tab on the Blog, available for any (by subject) request, clarification or doubts, either for the contents of the Blog (inforpodutos) or any of those mentioned in the previous topic.

In addition, when it comes to PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION you have an EXCLUSIVE COMMUNICATION CHANNEL, or, rather, an exclusive e-mail (e-mail) for this purpose, address is: [email protected] for Luan Fernandes.

Do not forget to USE as title PRIVACY OF PERSONAL DATA, so we can treat your request, doubt or clarification more effectively and quickly.