Terms of use – [CA]

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General terms and conditions of use (Moneysaudavel.com.br – TC FLAG)

The General Terms and Conditions of Use for Blog Moneysaudavel outline the presentation of our services – Infoproducts, to our users, including the applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

This Term, as well as the use of the Blog, are universally governed by the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, E-mail Marketing Terms of Use, and SMS Terms of Use, which are accessible at the website: moneysaudavel.com.br.

It’s crucial to understand that MONEYSAUDAVEL DOES NOT participate in any processes related to the analysis or approval of credit offered by partners, despite any data submitted by the User in the QUIZ. The ultimate decision to proceed with any transaction, credit granting, or offer lies solely with the partners, based on their own criteria, credit, and risk policies.

Main clarifications

Our expectations from you include being transparent, clear, responsible, and respectful while utilizing our services.

In return, what should you anticipate from us? We promise to be respectful, clear, honest, and responsible when it comes to accessing and delivering our service (Infoproducts), maintaining complete transparency – both in these terms and in information access.

Regarding our content (Infoproducts), you can look forward to newsletters offering general advice on markets, finance, and investments. These may feature services and offers from our partners, aimed at enhancing your financial well-being.


  • User: refers to an individual aged 18 or above, who is the sole owner and possessor of a valid electronic mail address, registered on a platform – the PROVIDER. This platform supports the electronic mail (E-MAIL) service. Additionally, the user is the sole owner and possessor of a valid telephone number registered in Brazil with any operator authorized by ANATEL – the National Telecommunications Agency. Both the email and phone number are provided by the user in our “QUIZ”, possibly through a social network like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Quiz: is the utilized platform (service/technology/API) that, with the user’s consent, gathers data such as the user’s name, electronic address (email), phone number, and estimates related to the user’s financial life.
  • Infoproducts: include newsletters and general advice about the financial market and services to enhance financial wellbeing, offered by our partners in the same sector and in investment areas.
  • Email Marketing: refers to the platform (service/technology/API) that disseminates Infoproducts and includes any situation or agreement where Blog Moneysaudavel, authorized by the User, sends one or more text messages to an email address provided in the “QUIZ”.
  • SMS: is the platform (service/technology/API) that sends out Infoproducts and includes any situation or agreement where Blog Moneysaudavel, authorized by the User, sends one or more text messages to a phone number provided in the “QUIZ”.
  • Opt-in: describes the act of registering, subscribing, requesting, agreeing, and consenting to receive one or more electronic messages from our team.
  • Moneysaudavel: is the name of the Blog responsible for sending E-MAILS containing Infoproducts content.


Blog Moneysaudavel offers links through message delivery (SMS or Email Marketing) to its website (www.moneysaudavel.com.br). Users accessing this site may find themselves redirected to other websites focused on finance and investments. Here, users have the freedom to choose whether to engage with the services or products of these external companies, without any influence from Blog Moneysaudavel.

By accessing and reading content on the site, the User is agreeing to abide by the General Terms and Conditions of Use, along with all other related terms (SMS and Email Marketing) and the previously mentioned Privacy Policy.

Upon registering via our “QUIZ”, providing personal details such as name, email address, and telephone number, and opting in to receive our Infoproduct services, the User consents to and accepts the stipulations of these terms.

About user redirection

When a User is guided to a partner’s website, it is crucial for them to THOROUGHLY examine all the information provided, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use and the privacy policy of the partner.

It is important to note that Blog Moneysaudavel holds no liability regarding the general terms and conditions of use and privacy policies of its partners; for the details about the services and products they advertise; or for the services and products that might be offered or acquired from these partner companies.

Users are advised to adhere to sound information security practices while browsing and accessing the Internet: using secure devices, keeping antivirus and software up to date, and utilizing a secure network.

Blog Moneysaudavel is not accountable for any loss or damage incurred due to the user’s improper conduct in using and navigating the Blog, or due to unforeseen events or force majeure.

Blog Moneysaudavel neither requests nor sends out requests for deposits or bank transfers to approve or grant any financial product.

Blog Moneysaudavel does not dispatch emails or SMS to Users containing executable attachments (like .exe, .scr, .zip, .rar files), nor does it send links for downloads. Should you receive such a message, do not open the attachment and inform us via the blog.

In addition to the other terms outlined here, Users are expressly forbidden from infringing upon the rights of third parties when using the Moneysaudavel Blog, from using the blog for surveillance or harassment of others, and from engaging in fraudulent, illegal, dishonest, or inappropriate activities on the website.

We cherish our unique relationship with our USERS, and as such, these terms are subject to the USER’s renunciation of initiating any CLASS ACTION. Even if there is partial or complete disagreement with these terms, we offer ARBITRATION (under Law n. 9,307 of 1996) as a preliminary solution before any judicial action.

Contact Us

Users can utilize this service to address all their inquiries, resolve any issues, and submit complaints or additional details about the infoproducts offered by Blog Moneysaudavel. They can also exercise their rights concerning the data they have provided, by navigating to the “CONTACT” section on the website.

Should users wish to withdraw their consent related to the processing and storage of their data, they have the option to reach out to the DPO (Data Manager: Luan Fernandes) by sending an email to [email protected].

Applicable Law

These Terms should be interpreted and understood in accordance with the meanings and nuances of the Portuguese language.

In this agreement, the governing legislation will be that which is applicable and current in Brazil. In disputes between the USER and Blog de Infoprodutos (Moneysaudavel), preference will be given to Law No. 9.307 of 1996 – which pertains to Arbitration, while also respecting the stipulations of Law No. 8,078 of 1990 – the Consumer Protection Code.

If there is a reluctance to engage in Arbitration for resolving disputes with the USER, any legal disputes will be adjudicated in the jurisdiction of Salvador – BA.

Data Regulation

By consenting to subscribe to our Infoproducts service, you agree to the terms regarding the gathering, handling, and storage of your personal data – including your name, email address, and phone number – in compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD, Law No. 13.709 of 2018).

Nonetheless, you retain the right to withdraw your consent for the processing and storage of your data at any time. This can be done by reaching out to the DPO (Data Controller: Luan Fernandes) via email at [email protected].

Update of Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of Use for the Moneysaudavel Blog are subject to change, augmentation, or replacement at any moment and for any reason, based solely on the discretion of the Blog, without the need for prior announcement or informing Users.

Users who DO NOT AGREE with these mandatory and binding terms and conditions should abstain from utilizing Blog Moneysaudavel.