O que é BBB? Saiba como funciona o reality show!


The BBB program is one of the biggest reality shows in the world, a 24-hour house watched by cameras, with the ultimate goal of naming just one millionaire award winner.

The program brings together participants of the most varied personalities, to live in confinement, 24 hours a day, during this period of confinement the brothers undergo tests, evaluations that aim to eliminate people until only the last participant remains.


Leader Test 

Weekly in the program there are tests that are intended to give immunity or leadership in the program, the purpose of the test and give that person the power to vote and also make him immune from going to the wall.

angel test

In addition to immunizing someone by forming the wall, the angel must choose two people to punish the monsters. The two brothers lose the bets and whoever is in the VIP goes to Xepa.


What is estaleca?

All participants start the game with the same number of bets deposited in a personal account. Over time, the banks that support the program have changed. In the first programs, the brothers received a magnetic card and withdraw money from a typical ATM installed in the confessional.


Currently, they perform a Pix transfer from a device provided in a special room. The amount is transferred to the person responsible for the week’s purchases.

Coins are only valid at the house, they are not converted into reais after the participant has left. In Mercado Pequeno, players find two types of goods: individual goods, which can be freely acquired by each participant, and collective goods, which can only be acquired if all the members of the house agree to collaborate with a minimum amount.

In 2022, the program’s management announced which items can be purchased for use at parties. It is not yet known what these additional items are.

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The cool thing about the game is that everything is conquered these stakes they acquire during every Sunday on race day, the brothers are divided into two groups, in addition to the stakes, the winning team wins several prizes and also some perks. 

What is wall?

It is the king of the week who chooses who of the best choices will face the public judgment on the wall. From the opening of the mural to the Tuesday program, the public decides each week which of the two nominated players should leave the house.

The purpose of the wall is to nominate the nominees of the week for a vote that is open to the public and thus remove one more member from the house.

How to participate in the BBB program?

As usual, registrations are opened annually to participate in the program and if you are interested in being part of the hottest house of the moment, you should know how to apply for the next year.

Entries are a great opportunity for those who want to participate in the most famous reality show in Brazil. Participants are locked up for three months and watched by several cameras. Everything happens during confinement: arguments, romance, lots of fun and lots of emotion.

To reach the grand finale, the brothers and sisters go through various breathtaking tests such as becoming the leader, the angel and others throughout the completed Game.

The entire BBB 2022 application process is very simple. If you really want to enter the best guarded house in Brazil, participate in competitions and parties and experience many emotions in it, know that the first step is to sign up!

Anyone who wants to register must access the website, select the region of the country in which they live and fill in the form with all the data requested by the system. Please note that photos and videos are part of the pre-selection.

See how to apply for the BBB 2023 program below:

It is important to mention that as soon as this edition closes for the next year, a new opportunity will open, you must register as follows.

  • Official website of GShow.com;
  • It will directly open the official website of the registration process;
  • Then select the region and city where you live;
  • You will be asked in the next step to fill in your personal data;
  • Send the photos and videos that are requested by the program;
  • Complete the registration process for your registration.

Okay, now just wait, having the profile searched for by the talent bank of the program, you will be summoned for the next steps.

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