O que é Mega Sena? Saiba como apostar e sobre os prêmios!


You’ve probably heard of the mega sena because it made a little feat, trying your luck is the possibility we have of becoming the new millionaire.

Mega-Sena is the largest lottery modality in Brazil and one of the ten current modalities of box lotteries with regular draws twice a week, in addition to the Mega-Sena da Virada and other types of prizes, due to the small market collection.


When placing the bet, it is necessary to risk the numbers (the more tens in the bet, the more expensive the game is) and indicate the number of bettors on the steering wheel. However, bettors must select the same number of numbers (between 6 and 15 tens) to be played.

How to bet?


Mega Sena pays millions to the player who chooses the 6 drawn numbers (Sena). It is still possible to win prizes by matching 4 or 5 numbers (four and five) among the 60 numbers available on the betting card.


How to play? To score 6 to 15 numbers on roulette, let the system choose the numbers for you (Little Surprise) and/or participate in 8 contests with the same bet of 2, 4 or 1000 in a row.


The prize of the mega sena depends on the accumulated value, in this way the total prize is divided among those contemplated, so the more people win the prize, the more times it will be divided and segregated.

If there are no main round winners in a 6-number match, the prize will be split between the 2nd lane winners (in a 5-number match) and so on. With just one Dupla Sena bet, the bettor fights for two draws in the same competition.

35% is distributed among those who match the 6 numbers drawn (Sena); 19% among those who match 5 numbers (quinine), 19% among those who match 4 numbers (quadra), 22% are collected and distributed to those who match 6 numbers in the last 0 or 5 contests.

How to check result?


The result of the mega sena can be checked online, through the official website of Caixa Econômica Federal itself, through the draw number you can check how your ticket is doing.

To check the result is very simple, easy and practical, you can access the official website of Mega Sena and check the result according to the contest by clicking here.

Search for the contest and that’s it, check the result.

Accumulated Mega Sena

Mega-Sena is considered the most important lottery in Brazil and pays the biggest prizes among all Caixa games. To bet, the player must select between six and 15 numbers on the roulette wheel.

The more numbers selected, the higher the odds (and the stake). In each of the contests, Caixa draws six numbers during the draw.

Once you understand the Mega Sena winning bands, you can talk about the accumulation of this draw.

To distribute the prizes, Caixa segregates 43.35% of the total revenue generated in each contest. Within this percentage, 35% go to the first group with six points, while the others have 19% each.

If there are no winners in the first group, that is, if no one reaches six tied points, this value is added. This means that the 35% that would be paid to the winners is allocated to the first phase of the following contest.

This process is repeated until someone gains entitlement. She took the six tens and took the prize. That’s why we say that the Mega Sena is collected whenever there is no winner in the first prize.

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In addition, there is the automatic accumulation that happens in all contests. Still within this percentage of 43.35% that focuses on the payment of prizes, 22% are accumulated for the next competition ending in 0 or 5. 

That’s because ties with these suffixes are considered special draws by Caixa’s rules. Finally, the remaining 5% of this percentage will be accumulated for the Mega da Virada, another special draw that takes place on the last day of the year.

If you are a beginner bettor, to know if the mega sena is accumulated is very simple, just check the previous results, if none of the bettors hit the 6 tens, it means to say that the mega sena values ​​were accumulated, giving the opportunity to awards for the new contest.

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