O que é A Fazenda? Saiba mais sobre o reality show


The attraction operates daily and lasts for about three months. Farmer of the Week: The Farmer of the Week is responsible for delegating tasks on the farm for a week and is immune during that time. He is also obliged to nominate one of the three participants who will go to the country.

The main objective of the program is to unite people with different personalities inside a house and make the game more and more dynamic, there will be a lot of partying, intrigue, crying and happy moments until the eliminations occur and only one participant remains.


What is the A Fazenda?

A fazenda

The Farm is a reality show that takes place annually, The Farm starts with the farmer test. The winner has the power to nominate someone for the roça, in addition to immunity. 

According to this delimitation of competences, the participant of The Farmer who receives the most votes from the house must nominate someone who is on the podium.


According to the rules of previous editions, in open voting, no pawn from the bay can be chosen by the pawns of the headquarters, only the pawn of the week.

What is Roça?

Wall, berlindas or roça, whatever the name, the objective of reality shows is the same: elimination. At Big Brother, the fear of knocking out the week starts on Thursday, when the Leaders Challenge takes place. 

On the farm, the dynamics are a little more complex. First, the pawn of the week is defined, who has immunity and the power to nominate someone for the hot seat. After that, the Prova do Lampião takes place, which gives two powers to the winner. 

These powers are revealed to the public in two moments: first, right after the race, and second, only when the hot seat is formed. They are used according to the game dynamics.

After defining the inhabitants of the Bay, the peons participate in a condominium meeting with a lot of emotion and fire in the hay. There, the farmer of the week determines the participant who takes first place in the field. After that, all participants must vote for each other and the most voted is the second roceiro.

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However, the operation of Roça das Fazendas goes much further: participants who are at the headquarters cannot vote for participants in the bay. The most chosen pawn or pawn in the house is the one who must choose a person from the bay to draw in the garden. This defines the occupant of the farm’s third slot.

In order to define the inmate’s fourth of the week, a dynamic is created between all the participants from both the headquarters and the bay. The famous rest is one of those dynamics and the pawns have to save themselves and at the end of the game whoever was not saved is on the field.


 The Trial of Fire is a weekly challenge where the characters, with the exception of the pawn, compete for the power of the flame. This test tests each participant’s skills such as balance, strength, quick thinking, patience and stamina.


At the Farm, the contestants will be sent to the Bay if they lose the right to stay at the main house of the reality show. There, celebrities have to deal with various restrictions, from eating to using the restrooms.

How to participate?

A Fazenda

If you are a person who wants to participate in a reality show, test your limits and compete for a millionaire prize, see how to register at Fazenda in the next editions.

  • To participate, create your email on R7 for free by clicking here;
  • You must be between 18 and 45 years old;
  • Complete the entire application form;
  • It will be necessary and requested by the program that you send 3 photos to the production, being 01 of profile, 01 of full body and another of bathing suits.

Does it meet all requirements?

  • Access the farm’s official website by clicking here ;
  • When accessing the portal, click on the sign-up menu;
  • Log in with the email you created in R7;
  • Fill in all the information;
  • Send the photos, pay attention to their quality;
  • Record a 5-minute video telling a little about your story and why you deserve to win the BBB award.

When you see the message that the registration was successful, wait until you are one of the 16 selected. Having selected profile and the Farm team will contact you.

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