O que é Whatsapp? Conheça suas principais funções!


An application that has taken over our days, WhatsApp is an application that emerged with the aim of taking the place of SMS, for the possibility of providing seamless exchange of messages between people around the world.

The beauty app was named WhatsApp, for a simple pun on the term “What’s Up” in English.


With WhatsApp, you can quickly, easily and securely call and message anyone, anywhere, for free. You may be charged for using mobile data.

What is WhatsApp and its functions

WhatsApp is an application that is an existing and very common part of our daily lives, the messenger that really dominates the world and today it is almost impossible to be impossible to use and abuse its features.


Whether exchanging messages, sending files, photos and other information, WhatsApp is a very functional application in every way. 


It is clear that its developer has more and more features, messages, groups to interact, speak freely, defined security, share your moments, share your documents and talk to the whole world. 

Did you know that WhatsApp has a version available for business, WhatsApp Business too? The tool works as similar to the traditional app, but it has features that facilitate communication between companies and customers. 

How to download the app?

Downloading the WhatsApp application is very simple and easy, the process only consists of accessing your device’s store, searching for the word WhatsApp, when accessing the same click on download.

After downloading, wait for the download, when it finishes, click on open the program, and that’s it! 

Just enter the requested data, which is usually your name, phone number and confirm the security code that is sent to your device via SMS.

After that, just use the abusive use of all the features that the application provides. If you want to use the APK version of WhatsApp, you can download it from the official website by clicking here.

How to use?

Once downloaded, you need, to send tips and share your information, to use as features and chat with the desired user, you will only save the person’s number so that the application has access to your contacts.

If you want to send messages just go to the conversations tab, then tap the new conversation icon. It’s very simple, just find the desired contact and that’s it, open a new conversation magnifying glass.

The cool thing about WhatsApp is that sharing is free information and files and files, you can share, make calls and much more.

In reality, WhatsApp is a very simple application to use.

What is WhatsApp Web?

The promotion of WhatsApp Web you can use the computer of all its functions through. Without having to install anything, just accessing the web address, making recognition via QR Code and that’s it. 

If you prefer , go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ , go to your messenger settings, click on the devices, click on connect a device, enter the QR Code and that’s it, you will be automatically connected to the web version.


WhatsApp is an app with personal features and can help a lot both in terms of business and in terms of business, there are other unofficial modified modifications that have features, but advise you to only use the official version that is available on your phone’s store.

By opening your store, you can get the application safely and enjoy its available features and resources, WhatsApp is a download tool that has been narrowing geographical barriers.

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You can chat with people around the world using the application, its popularity has grown rapidly all over the world, which today is one of the most important messaging and information exchange most used in the world.

WhatsApp allows you to use and abuse its features with a lot of interactivity, you can share photos, videos and audios with no size limit. 

It is interesting to send advertisements and promotions. It even makes your business more interactive. Having a team that interacts is very good for any organization. Not to mention that it gives more security to the customer.

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