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If you own a motor vehicle, you know the importance of meeting all the legal requirements set out in the DMV Traffic Law. In today’s post we will talk a little more about the Detran, its laws, legal requirements and its importance.

It is a Brazilian transit system. It has been operating since 1969. Its purpose is to enforce traffic laws and implement traffic regulations. 


It also offers a variety of other services. It can also help you find the best way to get around the city. However, the system can be challenging if you are a person who does not ride in accordance with the traffic LEI.

The main objective of the Detran is to improve the quality and structure of the service of transit agencies, helping to circulate throughout the country within the existing legalities.


How to consult the board?

Knowing how to consult your license plate is essential to avoid possible headaches in the future, mainly because it is through this consultation that you can have the whole panorama of the vehicle’s current documental situation.

To consult a vehicle’s license plate, you must first identify the CRLV (electronic registration) of the car. If you don’t know what it is, you should consult a vehicle receipt. This document contains the vehicle’s license plate and CRLV number. If you have any questions, you can contact the vehicle owner by phone or email.


To pay for the license, you must access the official website of Detran ES . Once there, you must enter the number and image of your car and click “OK”. You will need to repeat the entire process on your computer. Once you have the information, you’re good to go. And if you have any questions, you can always contact the company directly.

To learn how to read a vehicle’s CRLV, you can look up the car’s CRLV number. This number is called a CRLV and contains important information such as vehicle registration, color and expiration date. Using this information, you can get the details of the car owner, its owner, or the owner of the car.

If you are a Brazilian driver, you can check your car’s CRLV number on your vehicle. This is the CRLV of the car, which is the CRLV of a car. The CRLV will be the number you need to use to register your vehicle. In case of foreign license plate, you can use your license plate to check CRLV.

A CRLV is the vehicle identification number. If you are requesting a vehicle’s CRLV information, you will need to enter the number in the CRLV. You can also search using Renavan on your smartphone. Once you find the CRLV, you can enter the car information into the CRLV mobile app.

How to pay DPVAT?

You must be asking yourself: “How to pay the IPVA?” This tax is levied on your property by the local government. It varies by state.

You can pay the tax in full in many places and there are several ways to do this. There are several places where you can pay your property tax in full, but you will need to visit the finance department to determine which method is right for you.

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Fortunately, it can be paid online by credit card, in cash or in installments. There are also many alternatives to pay the IPVA, to make the payment you can do it through internet banking, lottery houses, bank agencies or accredited and affiliated networks of Detran ES.

How to issue 2nd of IPVA?

When it comes to IPVA, you must have a vehicle registered in your name. It is important to know when to pay the tax, and you must pay it before the deadline. If you haven’t paid your tax yet, you can do so now. 

You will receive an invoice for the amount due by the end of April. Then you will need to fill out a form with your vehicle registration and QR Code, and send it by mail to the state IPVA.


You will need to pay the IPVA in person or online. You can also make payments through your bank account, which will give you a discount if you pay by card. 

Keep in mind that regulations vary by state, so check your state’s website before paying the tax.

To issue a duplicate of your IPVA, you must access , inform RENAVAM and the vehicle’s license plate and click enter.

Then the ticket for your vehicle will be generated, did you see how simple and easy it is? Keep your IPVA up to date to avoid headaches in the future. 

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