O que é o Pinterest? Saiba mais sobre a plataforma!


Despite the size and conquest of space that this messenger has taken, Pinterest is a relatively new application launched in 2009 by Ben Silbermann in the United States.

With millions of users on the platform, it has become an image-sharing social network. Today, however, the company positions itself as a visual search engine.


Pinterest is available in web and mobile versions and, to use this social network, it is enough to create an account. In it, the user can make contributions and also search for visual references for different areas of interest. 

Also, with each theme, you can organize them into private or public folders.


Pinterest and functions

Many companies ignore Pinterest because of its appearance. But this social network is becoming more and more interesting for companies.

Pinterest is no ordinary social network. In addition to the great growth it has been experiencing, users love it and it is becoming an excellent marketing channel for companies to advertise their products and services with attractive images, well-edited videos and fun infographics.

By following these strategies, you can increase your company’s following, increase your brand exposure, and drive traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a smart and interactive way that you can use and abuse to promote your pages, websites and promotional content.

With Pinterest, it’s a platform that will add up to you by promoting dynamically and intuitively through images. Know that the main feature of Pinterest is to use a large post board in the form of images to inspire your users and give them ideas. In this way we can know that it is a social network focused on sharing images.

how to register

The process of creating and registering a Pinterest account is very simple and easy. Access the Create Account option on the home page and fill in the fields with the requested data. You can also link your account with Facebook or Google credentials.

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After this step, Pinterest will show you some potential interests so you can decide what to show on your mood board. From there, you can start creating your boards with your favorite pins. 

How to download the App

Pinterest is an app that can be downloaded from your Play Store or IOS store. 

How to download Pinterest for Android/IOS

  • Access the store from your phone;
  • Search for the Pinterest app;
  • Click pinterest, install or download;
  • Then create your user.

Ready the same is ready to enjoy the features of Pinterest.

From the computer you will only need to access https://br.pinterest.com/ through the browser .

If you already have an account, click on Login and enter your details. However, if this is your first login, click Create Account and enter the requested information. You can also login with your Facebook or Google account.

How to recover password?

It can happen that you lose, misplace or not know your Pinterest password, if this happens it is important that you know how to reset it, the step by step is very simple, we will teach you below.

  • Access the official Pinterest website by clicking here;
  • Then on the main screen, click on forgot your password;
  • Enter the email that was registered on Pinterest, the process step is to click on search, confirm that it is your same email, click on send;
  • You will receive a code via email, confirm it and click on reset password.

Ready, you will have to put a new password and save it, write down your password so you don’t lose it.

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